Anonymous asked:

Seems like you're upset that i won't talk to you. I've been following you on instagram, you should put more photos of yourself there (face, body). I need to see you better. If that is not the case and you actually want me to stop coming here just leave another message and i will stop, promise. Just read this for yourself dont reply to it.

what? ew no, i am NOT upset that you won’t talk to me, i am upset that you won’t stop repeatedly visiting me. here, and on my design site, AND through you do realise no one else visits as much as you do, i’m really creeped out by this behaviour. you don’t need to say a word to me. what i want from you is to STOP COMING HERE AND MY OTHER BLOG. because it’s creepy as hell. also, that’s super fucking creepy to ask me for more photos of my face…and body? what the fuck? you do realise i am going to be deterred from posting more now because you had to go an say that? why do you “need” to see me better after I stated on here you are causing me distress with your visits? ew. stop being a creep. it’s not working for you. 

i am replying to this message. it can stay out here. please read it over and understand how creepy you sound. yuck. 

go away.

i originally showed you this because i wanted you to see what i was really thinking right from the start. that i never had anything bad to say, even without you reading it. that’s how i honestly felt. that i never convinced myself that you must have liked me…i never thought like that for a second. but you continue to think that way.

so you’ve ruined it now. you ruined your privilege to view this, and you ruined my coping outlet. you had to use this as a means to attack something unrelated and uncalled for, in a way that you were supposed to be SO ABOVE. but you literally stooped to that level. the level you deem “crazy.” hypocritical as fuck.

i don’t have nice things to say to you/about you anymore. i’m allowed to express my hurt. i’m allowed to feel hurt about everything you did from the start, and i’m allowed to continue to hurt from having no closure, and being mocked and further lied to under the guise of an “apology.” 

i know i could have been the girl you “thought” i was, but you know…you don’t even deserve that girl. that girl doesn’t need someone who lies to her, who manipulates her emotions and just uses her for his own satisfaction. that girl deserves someone who is actually a friend and is open, honest, and makes her feel like she can be the same. that girl is great, but you are a douchebag. you treated me like shit from day one. why should i have rewarded that? 

fuck off until you can accept that your behaviour put me here and understand me.