fucking fuck off and get off my website too.

i originally showed you this because i wanted you to see what i was really thinking right from the start. that i never had anything bad to say, even without you reading it. that’s how i honestly felt. that i never thought things like “oh he must like me”…i never thought like that for a second. but you continue to think that way.

so you’ve ruined it now. you ruined your privilege to view this, and you ruined my coping outlet. you had to use this as a means to attack something unrelated and uncalled for, in a way that you were supposed to be SO ABOVE. but you literally stooped to that level. the level you deem “crazy.” hypocritical as fuck.

i don’t have nice things to say to you/about you anymore. i’m allowed to express my hurt. i’m allowed to feel hurt about everything you did from the start, and i’m allowed to continue to hurt from having no closure, and being mocked and further lied to under the guise of an “apology.” fuck off until you can accept this and understand me.